1928 Hudson Super 6 Model O. Fully restored to stock.

<p>Restoration I bought the Hudson in 1964 when I was 15 years old and working at the Keall Farm outside North Battleford, Saskatchewan during the summer. At that time I already had an interest in cars of the 1920’s, but had never seen a Hudson before in that year. The farmer who I was working for told me that he’d sell me the car if I promised to restore it one day. At 15 years old I really had no idea what that would involve, but agreed none the less. When I bought the car the engine ran but due to a mouse nest in the block, it overheated and I could never get it started again. In the early 70’s I was moving out of Saskatchewan, and decided to tow it back out the Keall Farm for storage. In the mid 80’s when I finally had a place of my own to store it I brought it home. The actual restoration started in 1999 when I took the engine to Jack Smith of Lena Manitoba, to have it rebuilt. Then, year after year, during the winter (which is my off season for work), with the help of family and friends; we slowly did the body work. As the Hudson’s body is wood with warped aluminum; it took many kinds of skills to achieve what we have today. The woodworking portion was something I was very comfortable with since I have done work restoring various structures. Of course, the body work was another story all together. With the help and guidance of Mike Nickerson, the Hudson slowly started to take shape. The key to this project was not rushing, slowly taking it apart, logging parts, and taking lots of pictures of the original; as we knew it would be a while before it was reassembled. The restoration of the Hudson took 11 years from start to where it is today. I’m not sure if you’re ever really finished when you take on something like this. One of the great aids to finding part for this car was oddly eBay. Such a resource gave me access to original parts from all over the world. It is really amazing when you sit back and think about all the places in the world I found things for this quite rare car. Of course, after obtaining all the parts from rigorous searching over a span of many years; I was finally able to restore this magnificent piece of automotive history. Jack Janssen, Alberta, CA Specs Manufacturer: Hudson Year: 1928 Model: Super Six, Model O Capacity: 7 Passenger Engine: Super 6 Transmission: 3 speed standard Extras: Duel side mount Buffalo wire wheels, Landau bars Wheels: Buffalo wire wheels Wheel base: 127 ⅜ inches Notes: body designed by Murphy (aluminum body) This Hudson Super-Six-Custom 7-Passenger Sedan was fitted with jointless landau fixtures at the quarters like the cars built for the English market. For whatever reason, it was skillfully handcrafted in fastidious manner which earned high respect for the Walter M. Murphy coach building firm. Among their other customers was Duesenberg, whose fabulous Model J motorcars entered production this year with certain bodies by Murphy. (Pg 116, The History of Hudson by Don Buttler)</p>